How to accelerate learning when you have ZER0 free time.

Hi there!

I’m a doc in training, and I’ve realized that learning while on the job can be incredibly challenging. Sure, working in itself teaches you all that you’ll need to know to get by. But the goal is to learn 10x as much, and be on top of your game. Here are a few strategies I’ve come up with so far, let’s go!

  1. Learn whenever possible.

We’re talking flash cards in the elevator, Text to speech apps while traveling to work, an interesting article while you wait in line. When you steal tiny fractions of time wherever possible, it all adds up.

2. There’s no time to relearn, so learn it right.

There is simply neither time nor opportunity to repeat learning. With subjects rapidly expanding in depth and volume, there’s simply way too much learning to do. Thus, it’s essential to learn it the right way, the first time. But of course, this isn’t in direct contrast with Spaced Repetition, is it? The intent of spaced repetition is strategic positioning of learning so relearning from scratch can be done away with.

3. Think about what you’ve learnt.

Let your brain surprise you! When you’re doing something completely unrelated, like laundry, for instance, it’s fun letting your brain stray and throw up facts you’ve learnt recently. It’s also a brilliant time for powerful ideas.

4. Have a learning routine.

Alright alright, you’re a busy person. But one extra routine won’t harm, will it? :) Reading for twenty minutes before bedtime sounds pleasant, and makes one want to jump on it!

Happy learning!