Dad Appreciation Day

We spend all our time in lines or at malls trying to find the best gift for our wonderful care giver that is a dad. What is a dad? A person who helps you at your weakest? A person who teases you on your status with your boyfriend? My definiton of a Dad is someone who understands me when I’m at my weakest. I personally have a lot of problems, but most teenagers my age do. I am lucky to even have the ability to say I have a Dad. Some of us don’t have Dad’s and the Mom plays the role of both parents in your family, and your lucky to have one person who loves to put up with you. What about the ones who don’t have parents? Young or old, we were all children once and sometimes you might have screamed “Dad!!!” in the middle of the night knowing that their wouldn’t be an answer back.I want you to know that your a survivor and the world is lucky to have you. You may never know, you might become a Dad or both parent roles. Today this is for all Dad’s. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope you continue filling the job title of someone who trys to fix things and cook outrageously amazing meals. A person who dedicates their life on the sole purpose their offsprings have a terrific childhood and future. I might not be the best all around, but I know my dad is and I know that I make him proud. I love my dad. Here’s to you dad, for all that you do. Thank you.