Although I slack off as I write this, but I did just do a workout and burned around 400 calories. I am proud of myself honestly to even go and try. I am very sweaty, haha sorry for that visual. This is an update on me trying to get that Taylor Swift ticket. Typing my progress is what motivates me more to do better. Maybe in 2 weeks time, the # of calories will double when I burn it off.

I want to say a happy father’s day as well. I hope that you treat your dad with kindness and all the good fortuane thathe has given to you.

I am very excited for what good things are in store for me. I know that it’s not a big deal to fit clothes but today my mom took me to the mall and I could fit a freaking medium sized romper. MEDIUM. I can’t believe it myself. I wasn’t able to buy it. But, maybe when I get slim, I will defintely let my mom spoil me with as many clothes that fit me at all those teens stores girls look cute in.

I have to sign off because I am into that new show “stitchers” and I plan on watching the newest episode. Until tomorrow, hope you all have a wonderful day cutie pies.

Taylor and her dad, they make me proud to be a swifiie, they are perfection.
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