I am “kind of” a feminist

I can agree that we should have equal rights between woman and men. I agree that we should both get paid for the same type of work. I don’t agree on the unisex bathrooms they are trying to commit to us. I do agree that woman can’t do sports like men can. I agree that woman should have the opportunity to be able to make their own professional teams, but only between woman. I believe that equal rights are right. I don’t have to believe in all that other crap. I am a feminist but to be clear, it’s not on all topics I agree with. I am my own person. I don’t even have to label myself as a feminist. It’s not needed, but it’s logically wrong (backed with evidence from medical analysis.) to say that woman have the ability to play the hard rough games that a man will be able to play with the beating. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m stating that it’s dangerous and that’s why their haven’t been any professional football players that are women. I think that it should be addressed that woman do have the same rights as men in this country in some ways. In some ways we don’t and we should fix them. I live in the United States, where we all have freedom of speech, but actually if we did, the media wouldn’t stump the truth. The truth isn’t what matters, it’s the lies of the liberals that continue to be cycled through our young generations mind. They say being a feminist comes with all that, NO being a feminist comes with fighting for EQUALITY. BUT, just because I want equality doesn’t mean I can’t have my own beliefs in others topics. I am my own person, not held back but this label on which I have said, That’s why I said “kind of” It’s what I believe. I am a “sort of” feminist.