No Tribute for Grimmie

Now this is very dear and close to my heart because the Teen Choice awards is not only the worst awards show ever. Now it’s the most disrespected one.

How can you use someone’s death as a way to get views? Is it that important to you? The media is so terrible and I’ve been saying that for as long as I can remember. I have never been more ashamed of all the people that were in that room and didn’t say anything. For the celebrities that literally stood there when the gun violence shooting tribute and didn’t dare mention Christina Grimmie.

Did you think we’d forget? Did you think it would just go away? I’ve never been more livid at the media.

The fact that you had some stupid election rather than a tribute to Grimmie, it shows where your priority lies. I’m done with watching award shows that use people, that rig all the category’s, and that could care less about the people who actually deserve them.

I am afraid that the world is getting worse and worse, their isn’t compassion at all. You can preach love and love and love but if you don’t take action, what love are you referring to? What love are you trying to convince the world of, if you aren’t even able to take a stand and say something about what horrid events have just taken place.

Christina’s memory will still forever live on, and whether or not she won the music web star award, who’d want to win an award from a show that could care less about the fans and the people promoting it.

I hope your happy Teen Choice, because this is the last time you’re probably ever going to get enough views to exist, because hopefully you get the hint that, when you do something wrong, it doesn’t look well for you.

I’m thankful Christina shared her voice with the world, and advocates for teens around the world. You may be gone, but you are still here, your presence has never left, and no matter what we will always be proud of you, lots of love to you angel.

  • Love a fan