I think about boys so much. Like most girls and boys we have a record of spending time thinking about our stans, but I have a struggling concept of why the boys/girls we may stan follow no one.

yEAH. I really feel offended that they don’t follow fans, or they come up with the excuse that everyone is a fake, so they unfollow everyone, like what does that even mean? Not every single fan that you have followed is fake, why do you want to unfollow everyone?, what is wrong with you? I’m not pointing out anyone, because it’s basically any person that is a social media hit. We love you for a reason, the least you could do is follow us back.

It literally takes one second, and we know you see us, we know that you read our tweets, you may only look at the hate ones sometimes, but we are there, every second of every day. I have no idea why I spend countless hours trying to get a follow or a tweet or a dm or a phone call from someone who doesn’t even follow that many fans. I get it, you don’t want to clutter your dumb ass timeline, you don’t want to follow fake fans, you don’t want to have a bad ratio on your twitter, because obviously it’s aesthetic???

I still don’t get it, my favorite person is Cody Simpson, like most people know. He follows fans, like he FOLLOWS them. It isn’t that hard. He notices the fans so much, and like I don’t understand why social media stars can’t get it through their heads that they would be no where without us, blabbing about them, or buying their cds, merchandise, and, tickets to their shows.

YOU, should do something for us, it’s for free. Follow your fans. I don’t care if my stans follow me, and like many of us fans are like that because we know you love us no matter what a follow means.

It’s just nice to be acknowledged for all the hard work we do for you everyday. I get that you might think that writing this is stupid and a waste of time, but obviously, this time I’d be using to tweet you countless times of getting a follow, or asking how your day was, or make a joke, but you know what, I’m tired.

It’s not fair that all these social media stars have so much, and then they tell us, we don’t know what it’s like, we don’t understand.

No we do, because you know that loneliness you may feel all the time when your filled with a full room of people. The times when you may get mobbed, or the times when you are so fed up, you want to give up.


We all live with problems, we all live with issues, you aren’t alone, and that’s why we love you so much, I just want social media stars to know that the time we have meeting our friends through you, or making videos, or going to your events, or concerts, were a 100% behind you every step of the way.

I’d just really appreciate it if you’d see us, for how we see you, and (also please stop picking favorites. ALL your fans are important.)

We see you as role models, as people who have been so kind, sweet, and, amazing to us, and helped us get through bad times, and we know that we do the same for you.

Just please follow us. Okay, thanks. Love you still. Never unstanning because those who unstan were never a fan in the first place.

Feel free to comment thoughts you have. Disagree or agree?