What a night!

I’d like to think that fans have a say in what their favorite artist does at their own show, and in a way I think we do. Last night I saw Shawn Mendes in concert for his Illuminate Tour.

It was something that made me smile in more ways than one. His opening act Charlie Puth started right at 7:30pm, they were precise and didn’t keep us waiting. I love when artist are on time, it shows that they actually care about a schedule and people’s lives that happen after this wonderful event happens.

The feeling of excitement doesn’t stream through until your actually there living in the moment of it. I was blessed enough to have amazing seats so close to the stage to see Shawn and Charlie, but I do think that the dynamic of both performers were different.

Charlie was able to speak more about his music and he had a shorter set obviously than Shawn, but his connection with the audience and explanation of his written work was more on point than Shawn’s.

I think it has to do with maturity, but Shawn is much more mature for his age than most and you can see that from the comparison he has to other social media stars who have still not been able to grasp their life or continue to cause drama that is blasted all over the internet for people to see.

Shawn is not part of that, he’s one of the few who actually doesn’t really take part in social media since becoming the house hold name he is, and that’s funny because his entire fanbase is based off the internet and how connected they are in order to giving him record sales and gaining him the nominations and wins that he has received in the last few years.

It took 2 minutes in a half before Shawn actually appeared on stage, and I wasn’t as hyped as I could’ve been a couple hours before the show.

It wasn’t till minutes before did I become as hyped to see Shawn as most of the teenagers in the stands were, it wasn’t as hardcore as a Justin Bieber concert, but it was hitting it close.

The girl next to me flew all the way from Puerto Rico to attend this concert, instead of having a quinceria, she begged her mom to take her to see Shawn and with the blessing of her mom, she took her to see him. I know that this isn’t really relevant to the concert, but it is. This girl helped me get hyped for Shawn.

This was my 4th time seeing Shawn, except this tour was his. This was all him.

She explained to me how Shawn had made it possible to breathe and have hope when she felt she had none, and I started explaining to her all the concerts and all the artist I’ve been able to see, and she repeatedly said “You are so lucky! No one ever comes to Puerto Rico.”

And that’s when I realized, I am lucky. I don’t have much going on in my life, I want to do something different constantly and I have all these big dreams that I never even set to doing sometimes. But the one thing I can always count on is music. No matter where I’m at in my life I can count on music to help me through it.

When Shawn started singing, the crowd, they sang. Until the very last note, with every song, the crowd sang endlessly, loudly, and proudly. It wasn’t an ordinary concert. It was a family affair.

Lately, when people go to a concert, I hear people tell others to be careful. A concert is reckless, it’s a risk to go into an arena and scream your heart out to lyrics you spent countless hours listening to, because in the society we live in, we now know that people want to try to ruin that happiness that we have.

Listening to Shawn preform, watching him do what he loves and hearing him explain one song that meant a lot to me was why he won the crowd so easily. I complained in the car ride home to my mom and dad how I didn’t like that he didn’t talk that much, and I even said it here in the beginning.

Now, I think it’s because he didn’t have to, sometimes people just know what your feeling through your lyrics, and everything you have to say is sang and understood right there. Everyone has a different opinion on things and that’s why explaining these songs don’t matter, because everyone is able to judge them and interpret them in a different way that’s unique to the story of their own lives.

He was phenomenal on levels of talent, he changed guitars within the first three songs, key changes and rifts were highlighted in his voice and his range continuing to push boundaries that only he can better define.

Shawn Mendes thank you for singing. I know that sometimes it may get a little too much, but you gotta understand that you are something big, the life of the party actually, and just be patient because one day soon, your gonna illuminate all of the world.

It was a world tour (didn’t include all of the world, but one day it will).

Tonight was a night where none other than Shawn, he said he’d treat me better, and he did just that.

Thanks for reading,