When 1D cancel a show it’s not perfect at all but at least the “Perfect” music video is legit perfect.

One Direction has informed us that, no their wont be a show tonight, due to the condition of Liam Payne. We were told that he was admitted into the hospital. The rumors were surrounding the topic, the fans erupted in outbursts over this catastrophe.

A One Direction show has NEVER been cancelled. Never.

The he fans are worried that they are taking their break earlier than expected, or that they go into a fight and they are breaking up for real.

Then, of course they do the impossible thing that will make all of us love them, even if we have some salty fans that didn’t get to see them today.

The perfect music video was released. Out of all hectic days, they chose the one that unifies all the fans into one corner. I want to break the record, so even while typing this I have the computer opened up to all tabs with the music video on.

Thus the reason I am writing this. To explain to all those who still haven’t got the clue that one direction are still here for us and they aren’t going anywhere. Though the haters still continue to disagree with us, I feel the need to say that one direction haven’t ever let me down, or any of us really. They might have cancelled their first show today, but take a look at their track record. Nothing but the best for us. I believe that Liam is in severe condition and we should pray for him because if he’s you’re idol or if you feel bad anyway, just know that even if he may not know you, he appreciates it because he’s Liam.

Now back to the video, this is a classic art piece that was done with such thought that I couldn’t help but thank the person who directed it. Amazing as it was, the best part was the slow motions of the boys, and in a way it reminded me of the little things video because of the black and white but it fit well and I am so happy with it, it’s one of their best videos to date. In my opinion at least.

I hope tat if you’re reading this your a one direction fan and even if you aren’t, you should go check this new video out because I promise to you it won’t disappoint.

The song is in reply to Taylor Swift if you didn’t know that ha.

P.S. One Direction love you x