Mandawa — The Fascinating Destination of the Colorful State of Rajasthan

Known for its grandiose forts, exceptional art and heritage culture, Mandawa is a spectacular holiday getaway settled in the heart of Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan in India. An integral part of the Shekhawati Region, it came into existence in 1756 with an architecturally acclaimed fort built by Nawal Singh, which today is known as the famous Hotel Castle Mandawa.

Being one of the ancient towns in Rajasthan and a vital silk trade destination during the historical era, it is a must to see a place for people fond of ancient art and culture. This town is popular, not just for its fascinating havelis and magnificent forts, but also for its distinct names like Mandu ki Dhani, Manduwas, Mandu ka bas and ultimately Mandawa. With diligent and strong jats forming a major constituent of its population, the progress, and growth of this region has been possible because of immense contribution from the Marwaris. It is a central position to various regions like Nawalgarh from East, Jhunjhunu from Northeast, Churu from Northwest, Laxmangarh from South and Fatehpur from Southwest.

Tourist Attractions in Mandawa

Mandawa offer visitors with a plethora of fascinating options at every turn! Battlements delivering an implausible view of the town, marvelous architecture, and whimsical peacock feather van. The unique thing is that there are interesting elements identified at every corner. Some top attractions that contribute to the fascinating appeal of this region are listed below:

Castle Mandawa

Castle Mandawa is one of the important attractions in Mandawa that is a house of heritage and culture of the ancient era. It is a beautiful palace that has been converted into a hotel. With sprawling architecture, each room and corner of this castle showcase different themes and décor. While the archway is painted with mesmerizing paintings of Lord Krishna and his cowherds, the rooms are adorned with impeccable wall murals and mirror works. The open terrace offers a pleasing view of the town. If you want a perfect place that can serve you with quality food, comfortable accommodation and relate to you the ancient heritage, then Castle Mandawa tops the list.

Mandawa Fort

It is one of the most popular forts of Mandawa settled in the midst of Aravalli Hills. It is a marvelous tourist attraction that discloses a lot about the rich culture and history of the place. The painted archways within the fort are a treat to eyes. There are innumerable paintings in the fort; most of them depict Lord Krishna. The exceptional décor and medieval ambiance make it a unique place. The walls of the fort boast of beautiful portraits enhanced with mirror work. Currently, the fort is operated as a hotel delivering comfort stay to tourists.

Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

The Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Jhunjhunwala Haveli, and Goenka Double Haveli feature the glorious attractions in Mandawa. The frescos depict Lord Indra on an elephant as well as Lord Shiva on his pet bull, Nandi. The beauty of these paintings calls for appreciations.

Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli

Another finest attraction in Mandawa is one of its most palatial haveli, the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli. It is an exceptional work of art and architecture and is known for its immaculate work. With an incomparable charm and beauty, every nook of this place exhibits the true essence of Rajputana era. The corridors of haveli are an exhibition of creative artwork by Rajput artisans. While the murals are definitely a visual treat, there are exquisite paintings on walls that showcase various scenes, like animals, woman with child, bird tendering eggs and more. The exquisitely carved wooden gates are major attractions of this haveli.

Thakurji Temple

Decorated with paintings and excellent artwork depicting Lord Krishna, Thakurji Temple is a major religious shrine in Mandawa region. It is a huge temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, and hence, showcases immaculate piece of works depicting him. The work is undoubtedly a display of spirituality and art and was established in the 18th century. The western corners of the temple boast of ‘chattris’ embellished with creative work and paintings.

Chokhani ka Johara

Chokhani ka Johara is a spectacular water reservoir encompassed with small chhatris that were constructed by Chokhani family in order to generate more jobs for local residents. It is located just a few kilometers from Mandawa towards the route to Nawalgarh town. Lots of wild animals from nearby regions come here to drink water.

Podar Haveli Museum

Among major highlights of the Shekhawati region is Podar Haveli Museum, which was once a typical yet vast residence with immaculate work of wall paintings. The Museum is located in Nawalgarh and has been prepared by transforming a haveli. With splendors from the historical era, it definitely deserves a trip.

Best time to Visit Mandawa

The best time to plan a visit to this region is in winters when the temperature remains comfortable and is ideal for daytime sightseeing. October, November, December, and March are the best months to schedule a tour to Mandawa region.

Ways to reach Mandawa

By Road

Road networks encircle the entire Shekhawati region and even Mandawa. Being a centrally located place to major regions of Rajasthan, Mandawa offers good connectivity via road. There are government and private buses available on major routes. People moving in a group can also hire private taxis to enjoy comfortable travel to this place.

By Rail

Although reaching Mandawa is possible through various railway stations, the one headed in Jhunjhunu is the closest and most convenient. One can even board trains for Sikar, Delhi, and Jaipur from Jhunjhunu.

By Air

Jhunjhunu is the biggest city in the region, and the districts headquarter. The closest airport to Mandawa is Jhunjhunu airport from where a taxi can be a board to reach straightaway to the destination. Jaipur is the other nearest airport for regular flights. Tourist can board flights to all major destinations in India via Jaipur airport.

Hindi, Marwari, and Rajasthani are the major languages spoken by locals in Mandawa. While surely, this region is one of the fascinating attractions in Rajasthan, specifically for art and culture lovers, but for those who want to lend a hand on shopping can even enjoy a great time here. There are local shops in Mandawa that offer interesting things to tourists at nominal prices. If you truly fall for a haveli or fort, then you can even purchase paintings related to it. Most of the paintings are hand-carved and have been exceptionally recreated by local artisans. From carved wood furniture, bangles, to metal utensils and dye fabric, you can shop for a range of items during your trip to Mandawa.

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