Brittany N Sparks (nèe Feulner) Copyright Notice.

Updated: April, 3rd 2020

Brittany N Sparks Holdings, LTD is a rights holding subsidiary of Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC which owns the rights and trademarks and service marks, including not only all new an old textual, photographic, video, live streams, audio, marks, but also names Brittany N Sparks, Brittany Feulner also nicknames like (Black Peach™, Britibare®, Somberspaz®, also ones in relation to Brittany i/e Phoenix Bunni®, babygirl®, Pretty Little Princess®, Peanut™, The Queen™, Vixen™, Phoenix Vixen®, etc.), are protected by state, federal, and international trademark laws. Any person who uses our marks including new and old images, videos, live streams etc. for commercial, non-commercial and personal purposes without our permission in any way is liable for trademark and copyright infringement.

Also any person or persons that uses said marks and trademarks in a way that it dilutes the distinctive quality of our marks or that creates the likelihood of confusion with our marks, is also liable for trademark and copyright infringement.

Liability for copyright or trademark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys’ fees.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please send an e-mail to

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