Assignment 1- Batch 2 (DM internship)

Hello Friends,

Following are my learnings from the first class for the Batch 2 of Digital Marketing Internship conducted by the Digital marketing expert Deepak Kanakaraju of Digital Deepak fame.

The following topics were covered during the session

  • Introduction
  • Marketing
  • Finding the gold
  • Global economics
  • Communication Skill
  • Future of Digital marketing
  • How integrated Digital Marketing works?
  • Selection of your niche
  • How to find market demand?
  • Personal Branding
  • Working of the funnel


We start the session with the Golden triangle

Picture Courtesy —
  • Learn — First up you learn, here the information is just there in your brain.
  • Do — Next up, you do thereby you understand things.
  • Teach — Finally, you organize the thoughts in your mind in a simple manner for others to understand. Here you ensure that your thoughts are laid in a simplified manner such that anyone can understand them. This is the best way to learn anything.

Connect points

Next, we discussed the connect points that the batch members can use to help each other and get their doubts clarified. The connect points available are:

  • Facebook groups
  • Talked about planned meetups in different cities

Program goal of participants

Then we discussed the goals for the participants.

  • To become a good communicator which in turn will help the individual to excel in all areas of his/her life.
  • To improve their sales skills thereby improving your sales.
  • What do you want to become:
    - Become blogger, video maker, affiliate marketer
    - Start agency
    - Grow your business


  • Human psychology,
  • How to sell
  • How to communicate

He also mentioned that the tools to communicate would change over time however, what is not going to change is

  • what you communicate
  • how you communicate and
  • the way you solve the problems of people

Finding The Gold

He also suggested to find a micro niche where there is a possibility to become the market leader. The reason to become a market leader is this, people only remember who is the numero uno in the market. In case if your desired niche already has a market leader, then you should seek a different sub niche or sub divide the market. By sub dividing the market what is meant is you find a segment of the market which has unfulfilled demand and try to satisfy that demand.

He suggested for everyone to have a target for ₹1CR in the next couple of years. Another suggestion that he gave was to write this target on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see it daily.

Global Economics

  • As the average age of the country moves up, the economy grows as people will be spending more.
  • When average age of the country goes above 50, the economy shrinks as the household spending decreases.
  • Debt leads to increase in money supply.
  • Money supply starts reducing when people start repaying their debts.
  • One should not worry about recession.
  • During recession, strong/efficient companies will survive, whereas the weak/inefficient companies will go out of business.

Key basic skill: Communication

  • create content,
  • to sale and
  • to become a successful entrepreneur

There will a lot of written assignments during the course which will help in improving your written communication.

Some ways to improve communication

  • Listen to podcasts for 30 minutes a day, while travelling
  • Write a lot. Try to write 500 words a day
  • Watch English sitcoms
  • Watch standup comedy shows

Future of Digital Marketing

  • The world is moving towards digital.
  • Digital marketing is the combination of marketing + technology.

How Integrated Digital Marketing works

Depak explained how integrated digital marketing works involving

  • Quality content
  • Quality content being picked by search engines and traffic from search engines to the content
  • Sharing of links on social media, which in turn gets traffic back to the content
  • Getting of email subscribers due to quality content and these in turn attracting back to the quality content and resulting in sales
  • Paid ads resulting in
    - Getting email subscribers
    - Sending traffic to the quality content

Niche Selection

Niche = Talent + Passion +Market demand

There are 3 major niches

  • Money
  • Health and
  • Relationships

We should try to seek a sub niche inside one of the above three major niches. As they say riches are in the niches.

The formula to get ₹1CR

Create a digital product of ₹10000 and sell it to 1000 customers to earn ₹1CR


Create a digital product of ₹1000 and sell it to 10000 customers to earn ₹1CR

The easiest digital product to create is an online course.

Finding Market Demand

  • Google auto suggest
  • Creating content for your own requirements and for which content is not readily available
  • Review on Amazon
  • Talk to customers
  • Look for pre and post products/services of other products

Why Personal Branding is important

  • The best known is always beat the best.
  • Be unique and stand out rather than trying to fit in.
  • Put your content out on internet and on social media.
  • Show your personality and character in your content.
  • You should publish your content in different forms

Benefits of personal branding

  • You can get a job, get a client, build your business
  • You get to write, create videos, get public speaking assignments

Working of the Funnel

  • Publish free content and build trust
  • Automate the funnel
  • Build brand ambassadors

All of the above points will help grow your brand.

So, the above paragraphs were my attempt to explain my understanding of the first session.

Signing off,
Mandeep Mehta

Microsoft office trainer with over 20 years of experience

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