What about EU immigration?

Perhaps the most depressing thing about the referendum campaign has been the relentless negativity — Project Fear vs Project Hate. Silly naïve me for hoping we would have a real discussion, so in the last few hours of the campaign, I just wanted to share what EU immigration means for me.

I founded Trouva (then StreetHub) with two amazing co-founders, Alex and Maxim. Together, we’ve been on a brilliant journey, building a business that’s helping 100s of shops up and down the high streets of Britain, from Yorkshire to Brighton. We’ve been proud to not only help keep our shops in business, but to have created over 20 jobs and counting.

Maxim is Swedish and Alex German-Cypriot, and without free movement of labour within the EU, we’d never have created Trouva. I never questioned why they moved to Britain — I obviously think Britain is the best place in Europe. And isn’t that brilliant? To be able to be proud to be British, and yet have some of the best people across the EU come here to start amazing businesses and create British jobs. Like Trouva. Or Transferwise. Or Farfetch.

Immigration isn’t a dirty word for me — it’s a positive one. I’m proud to be voting Remain today.

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