Two secrets which you can use to have a better sleep right now.

Good sleep increases productivity.

Deep sleep gives a boost to your energy.

But when you can do both.

You can become unstoppable at your work place.

And today I have something for you that will help you sleep like a new born child:

Two secrets which you can use to have a better sleep right now.

Keep reading to learn how…

1. Read Spiritual Books to sleep 2–3x better


Most of you think spirituality means reading religious book.

But in my experience, spirituality is something more than religion.

It is a universe in itself.

And we have that universe within us. We can activate it by gaining knowledge.

And what better things to do then read a spiritual book before you go for sleep?

It will create positive thoughts in you. And connect you to your soul.

Bottom line is?

It will help you distract your mind inwards.

And certain books will help you love yourself more than ever.

But you might be wondering?

Which books?

Following is the list of books which has helped me a lot:

1.365 days to practical spirituality

2. You can heal your life

3. The Power of Now

4. A New Earth

5. Creativity unleashing the forces within by OSHO

6. Same Soul Many Bodies

7. Change your thoughts change your life

These books have the power to help you get a quality sleep.

It has worked for me and made my soul find a light.


Once you’ve found a book, start by reading.

That’s where you’ll find the secret for your quality and deep sleep.

Obviously, you will not pick everything what the book says.

But you can use whatever suits your circumstances.

Now that you have your book, it’s almost time to start reading.

Before you do, make sure to read the next secret on my list…

2. Meditate to make your mind quiet and calm.

Money is not the only important thing.

But in my experience, breathing is the most important thing.

An imbalance between them can make your life and mind havoc.

And what better way to find the balance than meditation?

You just have to concentrate on your breathing.

It helps you become calm.

So here’s the deal:

First, find a quiet place.

Place yourself on a chair with spine straight.

And close your eyes. And concentrate on your breathing.

As you breathe in, let light come in.

And as you breathe out, let all your mental blockages and worry leave you.

The thoughts will come and let them come. Let them move like a waterfall or wave.

But do not lose focus on your breathe.

Bottom line is:

Meditation will help your mind find peace.

That will lead to a better sleep.

But don’t stop there.

Make sure to read other stuff on sleeping and mind:

And just like that you will develop a good sleep habit.

Now it’s Your Turn

You’ve just seen two secrets for having a better sleep…

Now it’s time to put these techniques into practice.

But do not forget to share with me how do you feel after following these techniques.

As feel is a god’s best gift.

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