Step at a time

I have come to know I am not a morning person and most of my cognitive powers usually kick in during the afternoon. The surge of ideas and sparks of inspiration come when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. I think of it like having the sun as a giant light bulb over my head. Funny, if the sun actually was over my head my ideas would inspire great works of art, music or inventions that would only make others wonder in awe and bewilderment.

I have not composed a great composition like Mozart neither have I painted a classic painting like Da Vinci. However, I have come to learn to be a better student. To be a master at learning.

I had a slow start in the morning, stuck on the same problem, thinking of new ways of handling and solving the challenges I had.

I had ,and still have, difficulty viewing data on a form after inputting a certain value. Like most times I would go on a random and intense google search looking for the right answer or the right method to use.

My time at the bootcamp has inspired something in me greater than that million dollar idea or writing the best code. It has inspired a sense of wonder and curiosity for coding and software development. I may not posses the coding skills needed to create a program that will solve one of world’s most complex problems out there, but I have been inspired to learn on how to learn the best way possible to be a better programmer.

Research and application has been the norm for majority of individuals learning a new skill. But at the bootcamp I have learned that breaking down complex problems into small manageable tasks allows one to find solutions or at least identify barriers to growth and learning before one becomes overwhelmed.

This is a highly effective strategy that I have never utilized before mainly because it may seem too simple to be effective. But now I have come to appreciate it and it has now become a core part in realizing my life long dream to solving healthcare challenges using technology.

This is the same philosophy I will utilize moving forward.

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