The Hurricane Named Anger

So hurricane season has started yet again and I have suddenly realized how an alcoholic can seem like the perfect storm. As with our emotions, a little blip occurs. A little storm starts to emerge. We allow our feeling to get hurt. And just like a storm that has rolled off the coast of Africa, it starts to build. And as it sits high in the sky build strength, so does our emotions. In particular anger and resentments.

Something small happens and we start to churn the negative thoughts of what was said in our minds. It twists and turns growing without knowing it. WE start to have a resentment towards the cause and it starts to flow into our daily lives. A storm kind of goes through the same step. A little wave, that seemed so small, starts to circulate and stay within itself. Doing nothing but gaining strength.

Sometimes the storm can sit out at sea for days on end. Just collecting more pressure, gaining more strength. Our anger and resentments sets a similar path. We didn’t go from happy to pissed off in a blink of an eye. We let it toy with us. We let it talk to us, tell us how wrong that person was, HOW DARE THEY!! We refuse to let anyone in and for sure refuse to let any emotion out. For we want to look strong. However; all that this anger is doing is FESTERING!! Growing more and letting other negative emotions in, like self-pity, guilt, what ifs, and depression.

By the time the weather forecast comes out, we now have a category 5 hurricane at our door. And it is not nice nor does it look pretty. Our anger becomes the same, we start to become nasty, hitting everyone in our path with the wrath we have inside of us. Not caring if we hurt someone else or not. Because you see our false pride tells us that we are right. And no matter how much our families and loved ones try to protect themselves, it doesn’t work. The hurricane of a lifetime has landed and will not stop until it becomes exhausted.

When the hurricane hits land and the temperatures between sea and land change, tornadoes Start going wherever the winds take them. As with an alcoholic, you now add some booze to the mix; and we too, start to unleash tornadoes that go in so many different directions. It does nothing but tear at our families, friends, loved ones. The amount of causing destruction that we are making is so extreme that even the Govern can not call a State of Emergency for us. We have become out of control on a self-will riot. And at that moment We. Don’t. Care.

By the time the storm passes and our anger subsides, it’s too late. The damage is done. No amount of plywood could protect our families. Now we get to see what is left, and it’s not pretty. Houses have fallen apart, roofs have been lifted, and families are left in the dark. And the only question that is left …“WHY?” There is no easy fix for what has just taken place. All we can do is start to put the piece back together bit-by-bit. And if we are lucky that may happen, but then again a house can only take so much beating from a storm before the family gives up.

For those of us who are fortunate, it may take weeks, months, even years for the damage to be cleared away. Not every storm will be as intense. But it will take time for those around us to learn that. Just as we have to be willing to learn how to keep our anger at bay.

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