The Problem With Litter Isn’t Plastic, It’s Apathy
UN Environment

Reminds me of something that I recently read:

“This fundamental lack of connectedness allows people to act in trivial but incredibly selfish ways. Rachel Yehuda pointed to littering as the perfect example of an everyday symbol of disunity in society. ‘It’s a horrible thing to see because it sort of encapsulates this idea that you’re in it alone, that there isn’t a shared ethos of trying to protect something shared,’ she told me. ‘It’s the embodiment of every man for himself. … In this sense, littering is an exceedingly petty version of claiming a billion-dollar back bailout of fraudulently claiming disability payments. When you throw trash on the ground, you apparently don’t see yourself as truly belonging to the world that you’re walking around in.” — Sebastian Junger, “Tribe”

Thankfully, the volunteers working to clean up the beach (and the world) don’t feel this way.

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