iOS: self-development day 1

My name is Igor. And I’m iOS developer ☺

This is the first report from my so-called ‘day of studying’. I’ve collected a lot of articles, videos, etc in my Instapaper and didn’t have enough time to read them. So they were kept in my account only wasting a space. Thus I decided to have the whole day once in 2 weeks especially for self-education: reading the articles, prototyping, watching the videos.

To stick to this habit I also decided to make small reports for this day of self-development and post it here.

The whole day should stick to the same topic and today’s topic is architecture of iOS apps. There are a lot of articles and talks about it in my Instapaper, so this post is just one of many.

Today’s content is provided by Apple in the awesome WWDC talks. It is pretty straightforward to start there, and probably you have seen these talks before. But let’s start here.

WWDC 2014: 224 Core iOS Application Architectural Patterns

Really nice talk about the core patterns used throughout iOS:

  • Target/Action
  • Responder chain
  • Composite
  • Delegate
  • Data Source
  • MVC

The talk ends with sample twitter-like application.

WWDC 2014: 229 Advanced iOS Architecture And Patterns

This talk is more about mindset than actual tricks and tweaks. I really liked to watch it.

WWDC 2010: 138 API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

This is the old talk again more about the mindset, code style… About what makes a good API:

  • Consistency
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Reusability
  • Convenience

To be continued…

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