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Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Not change it for another, no. I mean to leave it to dedicate yourself “to your thing” whatever “your thing” is, even being nothing. Quit your work activity only to breatheto feel that you change the rare moments of free time to have that feeling be free all the time. I’m talking about ending a relationship that gives you a salary at the same time that it gives you security and stability, although for you all that is less and less important or, at least, it no longer compensates you as it used to. Yes, you may be contemplating these landscapes. So you may have also heard of The Great Renunciation a new social phenomenon that is putting the markets on guard.

What is it about? Simple, basically they are people who… that is, quit. Why? Or, rather, what for? To live in another way. More in line with your dreams, desires; expectations. They say ‘no’ to what they are supposed to say yes to build (themselves) another model of life, another type of relationship with their existence in which work is not the center of everything: of the schedule, of the burdens, of the economic, social retribution and even of insomnia and Christmas parties. You know, they’re crazy, crazy. foolish willing to live with less in order to at least be able to live.

On the other hand, we have business world. Worried, trying to react. Here and there conciliation plans flourish. Every corner talks about the importance of mental health or the labor welfare and even a new position sounds: The ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, that is, the person who is going to take charge of happiness in the office. I myself am a speaker in the first program of ‘Chief Happiness Officer of Spain’, in the UNIR. There is more. For example, shareholdersas indicated by the trendsare willing to invest in those companies that manage to retain and attract talent, even ahead of those that “only” are capable of winning new customers. Sounds like? TO revolution? It may be, it is possible that we find ourselves at the dawn of a revolution that Marx himself would have left stunned, stunned. It is not surprising, this battle is not born from the bowels of the injustice which represents work performance. In the focus is neither the productive capacity nor the manufacture of “things”, but the realization of oneself. The capital gain it is not the difference between what the worker makes an effort and what he earns, it is not in this distance but in that the worker has distanced himself from the purpose of what he is producing, be it a good or a service. I mean, what am I making this glass for? What is the importance in the world of hacking this code?

But aren’t companies in the age of purpose? Don’t they strive and put their performance into being a conscious business? Good for the planet, people and, of course, also the markets? Yes, that is happening and it is to be celebrated. It speaks of capitalism reset, to make it part of the solution and not the problem. Even more and more we are seeing examples of what is called brand activismwhere senior leaders of large corporations are committed to social, environmental… ethical causes.

Then? How do all these concepts line up? I have the suspicion that we will be able to do it from each one, from the interior, from our being. I explain. First you (and me). Finding and writing, as if it were a constitution, our purpose of lifewhat master Francesc Miralles develops in the ikigai. That will be your inner compass, your measure of all things, the reason why you inhabit this planet, here and now. the way you have express yourself and develop yourself. And yes, when you have this, when you have found it, you must be sure that all your actions are in tune with that purpose. Let’s say that your ikigai is related to helping those most in need, but you spend more than eight hours a day in a company in which your only obsession is the economic benefits. What will happen? A nonsense will happen. You won’t be fine. Discomfort instead of well-being, no matter how much money you earn, you will be empty, heavy and with a pale soul. But if you manage to develop your life purpose in your workplace, connect both, that the two rhyme in consonance, you will advance your own story and make your own story change. And if not, then maybe yes, you should resign. Other company? Maybe. Undertake? Why not. And since we’re talking about quitting…

yes we call you big waiver, but we can also call it the Big Affirmation, because in many cases, these hundreds of thousands of people who are giving up give up. To the life. To themselves. As human beings, they want to take charge of their being in order to have an authentic existence. Yes, there is a big yes, behind. And that’s good news. Because it forces us, as people, to think, to decide, to know that we cannot leave the responsibility from our search for purpose to a company. It also forces us as a society to move forward, to unfold ourselves on Earth in another way, more respectful, kinder… no longer with nature, which of course, but with our own nature, which is also suffering from climate change. Yes, it may be up to us and no, I don’t think we can give it up. Because, let’s face it, work, in our mythical narrative, is a punishment from God. We got kicked out of Paradise with the burden of having to earn our bread with the sweat of our brow. No? Although, for the least believers, the very etymology of the word work may be valid; it’s devastating. It literally means three sticks, and it was a torture mechanism in which the inmates were punished. Oh! Words, how much they reveal to us. But this is not the case (or not only the case), the important thing is that, armed with purpose, we can find a central activity in our life that fills us, elevates us, satisfies us, makes us happy. And how do I earn bread? Well, back to the ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ thing. ¡Happiness! The origin of this word can also help us. It means fertile, fruitful. Happiness makes flowers bloom opportunities, that we are settled in a territory that bears fruit. Obviously every purpose needs a plan and a growth, but it is no less obvious that a plan without a purpose cannot be developed. He dies in the middle of nowhere. Of the inauthentic.

In short, it seems that we are facing a new era in which, in order to continue advancing as a society, what has brought us here is no longer worth it. It is not that it was bad before, it is that now we must seek new waysnew ways of moving forward and, for this, to move forward, I say, it is always good to know where we want to go and what is the purpose that pushes us… or inspires us.

Gabriel Garcia de Oro.
Gabriel Garcia de Oro.

Gabriel García de Oro has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona and is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation. He works as executive creative director & strategy advisor at Ogilvy Barcelona, ​​and combines his profession with his role as a writer of children’s and youth literature, as well as non-fiction books. His passion for writing and stories has led him to co-found the Fantástica Storytelling School, the first school dedicated to comprehensive storytelling training aimed at transforming people and businesses. In addition, he collaborates in workshops and seminars on creativity and storytelling at different universities and business schools.

He has just published a new book ‘StoryCoaching Workshop. The power of stories at the service of personal growth’ (RBA, 2021).

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