This is the time where I am at my lowest point, known as my depressed moment.

I have been working with a DMC for the past 1.5 years and I have never work as good as any of my colleagues and I don’t know how am I suppose to resign.

I dont want to be a suicidal person anymore even though I have never feel so good about myself anymore.

I found out my boyfriend has been texting bitches, and eventually naming one girl under SAYANG, and it breaks my heart. He still doesn’t tell me who or why or how and what.

I bring my work home because I am learning how to count even better, I work like a robot, and I know I might suffered from a mental break down in any days now.

What I really want to do is to go home, hugging my brother and just trying to make him laugh at everything I do because frankly that’s what I can do best.

I just had my twenty five birthday and my death is coming to a close, I’m sure of it.

I wanted a man who would never cheat on me, but I got lucky once, and got separated due to my beliefs. I don’t know when am I going to be able to find another one that is almost as close as that.

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