Fantastic Pens and where to find them #1

I love exploring Codepen to find the amazing stuff people make. I love the creativity, simplicity and complexity that you find on Codepen. So, I decided in 2018, I will on occasion share a few of my favourites.

CSS Pancake Toggle

by Adam Kuhn

I saw this one pop up on Twitter. I love a good toggle and this one made me laugh, it’s got some really nice detail and it uses clip-path which I’m particularly fond of!

Object Explorer

By Sarah Drasner

Sarah does some amazing work on Codepen, and lately, she has been making a few helpful JS pens. This is a really handy tool and I love it so thank you, Sarah.

Jumping Balls

by Hornebom

This is hugely satisfying to watch.

From the archive

Alex The Husky by David Khourshid

David has a whole bunch of amazing pens on Codepen, so I highly recommend you check out his work. This is one of my favourites, for starters it’s adorable. I also bring this out when demoing CSS to kids and they absolutely love it. because they can change the colours and make their own “Alex”. For this reason, I am particularly fond of it!

One of mine

From me, I’d like to share a new text effect I was working on. It uses blend modes to create a mask and works by adding mix-blend-mode: lighten to the image. It’s a really nice effect and I love how it blends the text-shadow as well.

Thanks and keep creating,

❤️ Mandy