Fantastic Pens and where to find them #3

It’s been a while since I did one of these, and I’ve seen some cool pens I wanted to share!

Vue controlled Ziggy Stardust

By Anna

This is beautiful, look at it. It’s bloody spectacular.

Pure CSS Card Carousel

by Adam Kuhn

I like this a lot, but also, the Smash Mouth Ipsum is excellent!

BBC News Style joined bullets

By Peter Cooper

I think this popped up as a picked pen and I really liked it!

CSS Cities

by Adam Kuhn

I know I already included one from Adam, but I saw this just before I was about to post and it’s really awesome. So double whammy from Adam.

As usual here is one of mine.

Rotating CSS Grid Layout

By Mandy Michael

A CSS Grid layout demo with rotation and perspective so you can see the layers.The grid areas span multiple rows and columns and use clip-path in order to create the shapes.