Adjust the width of your text to fit its parent container using a variable font width axis

One of the most exciting things for me about variable fonts is that their flexibility opens up an opportunity to create more responsive designs and components.

There are a number of ways you can have text resize to fit its parent container, but it’s been largely limited to adjusting the…

When working in teams with mixed skills one of the biggest technical challenges I’ve faced is managing the changes to how things render visually across a codebase. Often you change something and it causes unintended problems somewhere else. This is where Automated Visual Testing has become invaluable.

Bitbucket showing differences to images when you commit code.

What is Automated Visual Testing

Automated Visual Testing…

Over the past two years I’ve done a bit of travelling — being based in Perth means almost all my flights are long haul. As a result there are a few things that i’ve found really useful as part of my travelling that I couldn’t do without.

Full disclosure, I…

Mandy Michael

Lover of CSS, and Batman. Front End Developer, Writer, Speaker, Development Manager | Founder & Organiser @fendersperth | Organiser @mixinconf

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