Exploring ways to export clean .svg icons with Sketch…the correct way

This is cracking me up. Last summer I was part of the team that built out the initial Lucidworks redesign, and by far my biggest pain point was dealing with how sloppy Sketch is with both building shapes and exporting them as SVGs.

The original designer was slammed and didn’t have the capacity to redesign them or organize them into new artboards (something we had considered but did not know if it would actually work well enough to justify the time spent doing it in the first place — plus some of the icons were still subject to change), so I had to make due with making some adjustments myself and then putting them through an optimization tool to rid them of the excess Sketch code.

It was such a nightmare, so it’s too funny that we were dealing with the same pain points on exactly the same project.

Small world, great article. Thanks!

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