Post 2

So in terms of running I am nowhere near an elite runner in even the loosest use of the term. I’m your average mid 30’s mother of two who is stubborn enough to will herself around a half marathon with gritted teeth. I have done the Brighton Half Marathon twice in 2015–2h15mins and 2016–2h05. I was going to this years race but I got injured… this was my last run on Jan 14th

And my first run since May 16th.

However overwhelmed with joy I was today to get in my gear and finally run, it’s pretty frustrating to be starting again. But I love it… and I will…

So first plan a half marathon before the year is out if I can stay injury free. Maybe La Rochelle or Saint Sébastien (I live in France) and maybe just maybe try for a marathon next year 🤔😧😨😜