Street The Movie Is A Runaway Hit!

An Interview with Teen Actress from “STREET” — Shannon Gallagher

Shannon holding her copy of STREET

Street the movie is a runaway hit. I wrote about this Independent Feature last fall when it was released in Theaters. Street then hit Walmart, Amazon and ITunes. Walmart could not keep it in stock and the online sales shot to #1 ahead of the big budget Hollywood Production Deadpool.

As a writer and friend of many independent filmmakers, it makes my heart feel great to know that an Indie Feature Film can be such a massive success. It takes talent, time and money to produce a great film, Street is the #1 example that this is possible that Indie films can compete with huge budget movies. Street has amazing writers, producers and actors.

Beau “Casper” Smart and Mark Ryan star in this fueled MMA movie. Mark Ryan is one of my favorite actors from STARZ Network hit show, Black Sails.

Remo Street played by Smart is a 23-year-old former wrestling champion spends his days job searching and with great ingenuity forces himself to train at night whenever and however he can. It seems his lifelong dream of becoming a professional fighter just might elude him until one fateful night when destiny takes him an entirely new direction. Mark Ryan plays URI a Russian mobster.

Street contains some of the best MMA fight scenes of any film ever made. Having a number of well-known, experienced MMA fighters takes the fight scenes to a realistic and powerfully intense level. Arnold Chon, one of the top fight choreographers in Hollywood as well as a trainer of real MMA fighters, is the man behind the action.

Also in this film is a great young actress, Shannon Gallagher. When I watched Street I was curious how she landed this part, what is her acting background and her thoughts on being in a feature film since it is not easy to secure a role in a movie, Indie or Studio picture. I thought she did an impressive acting job and Shannon has a future in acting if she chooses to continue on that path. I sent her a Q and A to answer.


Interview with teen actress Shannon Gallagher

How old are you and what school do you attend?

 I’m 17 and just completed my JR. year at Berlin High School in CT

How was it filming your first movie with seasoned actors?

It was such a great experience filming with them! They were super nice and had a ton of personality in their work.
 I would often be nervous for filming because I didn’t have much experience in acting

 How were you chosen for the role in STREET?
 Can you expand about your role?

 I was 16 years old when I got the role of Shannon. Shannon is a babysitter who looks after Jessy, played by Giovanna Cappetta who also just won a young actors award!

 What was it like filming with Beau Casper Smart and Mark Ryan?

 It was a great experience! Beau Casper Smart is hot and Mark Ryan is so nice and a great actor. It was a great experience all around.
 What challenges did you have filming?
 Traveling. Since we live on the east coast and filming took place during the school year. I have to miss a few weeks of school and my dad was still tuff on me regarding my school work.
 What did your friends think of you being in a Hollywood Movie?
 When it was announced at my sweet 16 birthday party everyone went crazy. Looking up the movie and me on IMBD. My friends and the school were and still are very supportive of me. When the movie came to my town, everyone showed up for their support. I truly have the best friends.

 Are they buying it at Walmart?

 Yes. I am aware that the Walmart in Rocky Hill has sold out a few times and I was told that it’s selling out in New Orleans where I was born and Rochester, NY where I have family.
What advice do you have for any teen wishing to get into acting?
 Don’t give up on your dreams. Acting is hard work no matter if you have a smaller part or your main character
 Did you have any acting background before you were chosen for the part?

 Yes. I performed in regional plays and had many roles. I enjoy the excitement of performing in front of a live audience.
 Please add anything you wish about the movie and your experience!

 Everyone was so nice and Lyle Howry is a great producer. I wish I can see everyone again soon.

 If you enjoy UFC-MMA and the underdog then you will love this movie and for the girls, it’s a good love story as well.


Thank you to Shannon for taking the time to answer the Q and A and Publicist for STREET, Karen Ammond of KBC Media ( for arranging this interview!