Vampire Story Lovers…

You Will Want To Read This Heart Stopping New Book

The Scribbled Victims

Authored by: Robert Tomoguchi

Robert Tomoguchi released his latest highly anticipated novel, The Scribbled Victims. A brief glimpse of the story reveals Yelena Solodnikova is a modern day vampire living in Los Angeles who is plagued with the guilt of her murderous existence. She meets Orly Bialek, a twelve-year-old girl who has the special ability to see evil deeds committed by the people she sketches in scribbles. The two bond as mother and daughter, and Yelena feeds guiltlessly on the evildoers Orly presents to her. It is a perfect relationship except that Orly is dying of cancer. Yelena must decide between allowing her little girl to perish or preventing her death by condemning Orly to the loveless eternity of a child vampire.

Tomoguchi wrote The Scribbled Victims as a way to explore different types of love between people, including obsessive romantic love and how it can be tempered upon discovering the love for a child. “A vampire novel seemed like the perfect way to express undying love as I would be writing about immortals. It allowed me to have two characters I love very much collide on the page,” stated Tomaguchi.

About Tomaguchi

Robert Tomoguchi has authored five previous short story books with a Gothic theme that have received countless five-star reviews. He holds a degree in Modern Literary Studies from UC Santa Cruz. He had the same goal since he was 13 (now 44) — to become a full-time writer. Tomoguchi also penned stage plays and screenplays, but fiction has always been his truest passion. The Scribbled Victims is his first full-length novel.

The Scribbled Victims is available on and select booksellers.

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