12 Oddly Satisfying Things In Life

The Little Things Can Go a Long Way

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Sometimes in life you have to appreciate the little things…

…even if they’re like, really little…

12. Waking up Before your Alarm

It always feel great when you can start off the day totally in control of what’s ahead! When I have small victories against my alarm I feel like I have seized not just the day, but my life!

11. Coloring Inside the Lines

There’s something about pressing a crayon or pencil perfectly to a line and seeing the color fit inside the design so simply, but beautifully. And then getting to pat yourself on the back for not going outside the lines on the page…Sometimes it feels like you just accomplished the most particularly difficult task in the world…

10. When a Kid Laughs at your Dumb Jokes

I love telling Knock Knock jokes to my neices. They give me the belly laughter that adults would only roll their eyes at. It makes me feel like I’m a comedic genius even though I just stole the jokes from popsicle sticks and Google.

9. Perfectly Wrapped Presents

Sadly this is an art I have trouble mastering. I usually bribe someone with cookies to do this for me. But boy do I love the feeling of an ugly box looking so damn beautiful after the pretty paper is pressed and folded onto it…


8. When You’re About to Brake for a Red Light but it Turns Green Instead

Ok I’ll admit it I have this weird obsession with wanting to save as much gas as possible…so I’ll go reaaaalllly slow when I see a red light in hopes that it will turn green and I won’t have to start the gas pedal up again…

It drives the passengers in my car crazy sometimes. Sometimes I literally sing out, “YES!” when the light turns green so quickly…

I’m very easy to please in this way.

7. When Someone Guesses How to Spell/Pronounce Your Name… and they Get it Right!

I never experienced this until I got a new last name after marrying my beloved sweetheart Jonathan Chew

I had no idea how many ways people could spell the last name Chew!

I’ve gotten Chu, Cho, Choo and sometimes even Shoe

6. Falling Asleep to the Sound of Rain

I love rain. Absolutely just adore it.

But only…when I’m inside.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be cozy and snuggled inside a bed of blankets, listening to the soft pitter-patter outside…

In a way, it makes me feel more adventurous, falling asleep with nature beside me (safely and nicely outside that is…)

5. Positive Quotes

I recently wrote an article about this, but I love little blurbs of bliss, especially ones that hit you with a beauty and feeling you couldn’t quite put into words until you read it perfectly there…right there in that quote…

4. The Perfect Level of Toastiness

I can’t tell you how many pieces of bread I’ve burned, how many times I’ve had to put the toast right back in the toaster again because it wasn’t crisp enough (and how many times I’ve scared myself waiting for the toast to pop out as I watch intently to see if it’s ready) But there’s always those times where…


The toast comes out and it’s just perfect!

3. The Natural Smell of your Lover

Sometimes I can’t help it, I have to smoosh my nose to my husband’s head and just…smell him. He constantly asks what I’m doing and reminds me he hasn’t even washed his hair yet…but I tell him noooo it’s ok! It is the BEST smell in the world and I want candles and perfumes that smell like him forever…

Ok I’m a weirdo.

2. Peeling the Plastic off of New Things

Please let me do it for you. I love this so much. I can’t explain. I just…mmmmmm….

1. When You Get the Long Piece in Tetris

I don’t know if there’s anything in life really more satisfying than this. Sometimes when I’m playing Tetris and I haven’t gotten the straight tall piece in a loooong time I just feel as if nothing in life is going right. I start asking things like,

Why me?!

Why now?!

Does some higher being hate me?!

But then the long piece comes and all is right in the world again.

Do you have any oddly satisfying things that you enjoy in life? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

Mandy Chew

Written by

I am a woman on a mission to seize life by the toes and always "Chews" Joy in life! You can follow more of my musings at www.chewsjoy.com or @mandydchew

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