Smile, get lots of sleep, sleep heavy(dream and remember your dreams), eat the best food possible, workout regularly, write when you feel like it, play music loud in the car(make sure everyone around you knows you are having more fun than them), just listen to music, look at old pictures(if its of an X make sure you remember what you learned), say hello to everyone you think will say hello back(almost everyone), go fishing, play sports, go running, watch a sunrise or a sunset, sit with a fan in front of your face, appreciate architecture, appreciate the magnitude of the human ability(this is a big one; can be applied to every product, idea, and so on), enjoy the raw power of nature(I’ve seen some really great stuff out of Texas durning this storm — hope everyone is doing alright), watch planet earth, talk to family, look at new fashion, cool shoes, dream big, look at dogs, stretch, challenge yourself, play brain games, learn new skills, think of how you would improve any and everything, stay off of social media that sucks the soul out of you(don’t want to point fingers), look at more dogs, respond to people’s snapchat stories(hope y’all don’t think that is weird), crackin knuckles(my 5th grade teacher said it was ok, don’t tell me differently), have fun with friends, make new friends, enjoy time off, appreciate Mondays(this is huge), learn from your own mistakes, learn from others mistakes, being weird, being yourself, and appreciate waking up every single morning.
Aaron W. Miller

I so so so love this list :)

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