At age 45 I was a confirmed meat and potatoes guy.
John Jelley

Oh what a sweet story :) You certainly have a talent for writing- I loved envisioning you and your wife falling in love and changing your diet as a result, eating meals throughout the years — almost as if it were a montage from a movie (have you seen the Pixar short Feast? Haha I was kind of picturing something like that! 😂)

Good for you for turning a solid month into years of health! (I think you’re right the first steps are always the hardest and then it gets easier after that!) I’m often surprised at how truly delicious vegan food can be too- and how great my body feels afterward!

Thanks for sharing your story :) My favorite part in writing this article has definitely been to hear others share their experiences of why/how/when they changed their diet too!

Thanks for making me smile 😊😊

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