I’ve seen those docs too.
Jhini S

Thanks for sharing Jhini :) Your story is really similar to mine! I remember eating a lot of “tv dinners” as a kid and ordering a ton of happy meals, fries, and a “choy” (the word toy with a slight speech impediment😂) I remember the commercials I would cling to that advertised beanie babies with happy meals and how we would go before school to get them.

I think because my parents didn’t grow up with fastfood they didn’t really understand it. They just saw that their kids were happy and would beg them for it so they smiled and drove us to McDonald’s. They themselves never had a fastfood as kids, so they were probably really charmed by the concept.

Now the kids who grew up with fastfood have grown into adults and are reflecting on their lifestyle choices…

I’m SO glad you’ve made the changes to your diet that help you to be healthier! Thank you again for sharing your story!!

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