Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Mandy Chew!!!
Ainsley Jo Phillips

What an INCREDIBLE journey you’ve shared, complete with some of the most eloquent philosophies and ideas!

I especially enjoyed the words, “a classroom teacher might teach 30 students per year but that a writer can teach a world in one day!” and that we should actively be part of solutions to problems, rather than feed the problems in the first place!

What incredible advice to live life by!

Thank you again for sharing these words. I truly believe passionate people like yourself is just what the world needs, and that you will (and are) changing the world and the systems that guide it every day! Thank you for your strength, your charisma, your joy, and positivity! I really LOVE to hear about people’s personal journeys and how they’ve shaped who they are today.

Keep fighting the good fight, focus on what really matters, and be that incredible you that you are!

Write on!

— Mandy

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