As I was reading your article I couldn´t help but feel like you were telling my story.
Oscar Nevarez Leal

Wow!! You are telling my story as well!! Thank you for sharing!!

Marriage is a union of SO many things and I think we forget how much food can factor into this as well! We of course want to share our life with our spouse which means we naturally share our favorite things to eat! It’s subtle how many changes can take place without us even realizing!

I know for me, I have all these sweet memories of my husband and I sharing these different foods together and so I would often pick up a taco or two because it would remind me of these great times. Unfortunately for me food has always been extremely emotional.

To combat this I think my husband and I are going to try and take more healthy cooking classes together. It’s a fun couples activity and you get to learn great skills from it (and hopefully develop a desire to create those healthy foods again). I’m hoping this will replace the old memories with new healthy ones!

I hope you find the healthiest of lives ahead of you!! I wish you and your wife all the health and happiness in the world!

Thanks again for your comment!!

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