Doing The Safety Dance

YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO… No, not that safety dance (though I kinda wish it was). The dance we all do when we are afraid to speak our minds. We all partake in this “safety dance” that keeps us from saying what we really think.

My whole life I have been taught to do this dance; in jobs, at school, and with friends. The last thing I wanted would be to hurt someone’s feelings. I know what it feels like to be hurt by words. But as an entrepreneur, I am learning there are times where these words are important. The key here is to learn from it after the hurt sets in. Or not to let the words hurt at all, and just hear what the words are, unbiased (← Hard for me).

I have been so safe with what I say to everyone, and I don’t know if that will ever go away, truly. I have little spurts where this fire grows inside of me and I want to say things that may potentially hurt people.

LIKE today, it is:

“If your business is failing, it’s YOUR business.” -Me

Something I see more than I want to admit is when people blame the reason they aren’t succeeding on other factors. The industry is failing, the economy sucks, my equipment isn’t good enough. We have all done it, don’t lie. The key to succeeding is to stop blaming these outside factors and own up to what you did wrong.

Let’s use me for example. I am a wedding photographer and this year I am booked for the slowest season of my career to date. I could blame anything really… “Oh well, Jupiter is in retrograde.” But I am not. During the wedding season this past year, I didn’t build up any hype around my business, I spent almost no time sharing my work, and was wasting time with other things that didn’t help me (read: staring at instagram).

I am owning up to it. But now that I owned up to it, I am hustling my ass off to make up for it. Even if I have a slow year, I am going to work more than ever to get more eyes on my work. I need to balance my time with keeping up with workflow and getting more and more eyes on my work!

Let’s stop blaming stupid shit and get our hustle on.

❤ Mandy

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