Old people and kind hearts..

Another weekend I stay away from home.One of the loneliest days to spend time in the city but well you get a chance to meet people on the road or maybe in a bus.It was a Saturday few months ago that I decided to go on shopping alone and I met this old lady in the bus stop.She came to me and ask me to help her getting into the bus.Well I was more than happy to lend her a hand.I asked her where she wanted to go and luckily she was taking the same route where I was headed.I remembered my grandmother,she was very old.Very old that she was 98 years old when she died last January.She was a strong minded woman who took care of herself and her husband who was bed ridden.

Yesterday I met this old grandpa who sat next to me in the bus and I heard him talking to the conductor.Conductor hadn't given me the change so this old man told me to ask for the change.He was worried that I didn't get that 8 rupees. His voice was not clear when I first heard him.He started talking about a popular bus service owner,how that person got rich through the time.He had been reading about those type of successful business men’s stories in the country from a weekend Newspaper.And he laughed and said he missed to read today’s newspaper article as he was in a rush to take the bus.

I was saddened to hear what he told me next,that he had been diagnosed with an early stage cancer.He described it, how he first felt harder to swallow food and to talk..I asked “Do you smoke grandpa?”,He grinned and said “Well yes but I quit after I got this cancer”.I told him that smoking might be the reason behind his cancer.He agreed and said that he was on chemotherapy and medicine that he is completely recovered now.It was a relief to hear but I asked him to check his condition again.I felt pity for this kind hearted old man.Before I got down from the bus I wished him a good health and advised that he should took care of his life.I remember he smiling with me and I waved hand to that old man who was looking at me through the bus window.Well I pray for his kind old life..

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