Wordy Saturday
Lynn Browder

Hi Lynn I think your love and patience coupled with Owens obvious brilliance he is going to be incredibly intelligent with a photographic memory!

Focus on what he can do, it’s not easy when times are tough and it’s one step forward, three steps back sometimes, that will change. Everything he learns may not be used every day but it is stored!!

Conor didn’t even point or speak until he was 6 and I didn’t expect him to but like you, I didn’t believe any prognosis he was given because no one knows what the incredible autistic mind is capable of. Conor still fascinates me with his memory of facts, dates, figures etc! He’s gone from a ‘hopeless’ 6 year old mute to a freaking genius. Yes he still has bad days, he gets upset and doesn’t quite know why and can’t quite explain and just wants a hug, don’t we all? He’s a miracle, I helped make him become the best he can be just as you are with Owen.

Your love and patience shines through and makes me smile, remembering those times and I wish I could reassure you that you are both going to be great but it’s a process, you’ll look back 15 years from now and think wow that was tough son, we’ve come a long way.

Much love and hugs as always 🤗