Joel Kahn

Very interesting post. I’m not sure whether I should be worried or not?’

I have never eaten breakfast, I don’t believe in force feeding yourself when you’re really not hungry, especially if like me it’s a struggle to keep weight off!

I had to stop extreme exercise 5 years ago due to disc and rotator cuff injuries but I have exercised very heavily all my life, running every morning on an empty stomach 7–10 miles at 5am, always been led to believe I would be tapping into fat quicker because I wouldn’t have eaten since 6 pm the night before. After 3 hours I would have a protein drink, head to the gym and to get my desired muscular result lifting very heavy weights for 1–2 hours doing a split body routine of two body parts at a time, followed immediately by more protein powder, being in the gym 5 days a week .

I usually wouldn’t eat until 2 pm and being a vegetarian body builder it was loads of egg whites with an occasional yolk! That meant I fasted for 18 hours a day for nearly 30 years!

I omitted fat and carbs, unless I felt light headed then I would eat some oatmeal or brown rice. I took handfuls of suppliments including a multivitamin with iron and omega 3 fatty acids. I looked and felt great, I I always had healthy blood test results.

Since stopping running and training I can only power walk which I do for 2 hours a day, I still have the considerably unhealthy diet of protein powder, bars, egg whites and occasional cheese.

Fasting seems to be in fashion just now and skipping breakfast. I’ve always seemed to be healthy but have never considered a possible effect on my arteries.

I know my diet is terrible, but it works for me. If I think about carbs I’ll put weight on! Does this mean I am heading for heart problems and arterial sclerosis or other problems? I fast even longer now as I’m on the ADHD drug concerta which takes my appetite away for the whole day until 6 pm so I can’t get in more than 600–800 calories a day. I should be losing weight but I’m not, since menopause I think I would have to starve to lose weight!

Should I be worried??!!