My Call to Adopt

All of my life I have dreamed of adopting a child. I did not grow up in the traditional sense. I grew up from age 12–18 in a group home in WS, NC. I knew from my early teenage years that I wanted to adopt. I wanted to give a child a loving home with brothers, sisters, and a family that would never leave them. I knew what it was like to feel unloved and unwanted by the world. When I became a single mother I knew that I wanted to be married and have a stable home life before I adopted. I met my husband in 2009 and we married later in 2009. Before I said yes though I asked him if he would every consider adopting a child that was not his own. When he said yes that was when I said yes. I did not want to marry someone that was not open to having a child that was not their own. I have three children and after my 3rd child my husband and I made the decision to stop having biological children. Although my husband left most of the decision up to me. I do not regret my decision to stop having biological children. There are plenty of children out there (I know because I was one of them!) that are waiting for their Forever Family. I cannot wait to answer God’s call to adopt, to give a child a home, to give a child love, and to give them what their birth families may not have been able to give them.