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Legos for Money Source:

The whole idea around decentralized finance (DeFi) is that of “money Lego” — Lego block like applications that can layer on top of each other and build the foundation needed to create a completely decentralized financial layer — cutting out the middle man (banks, insurance companies ) to reduce the costs and make the service more inclusive.

Things with DeFi are going strong and gaining much ground. The markets are growing at such a pace that some believe that we might be building up a DeFi bubble. But I am really interested in are the core technologies that can build the foundation and infrastructure of the DeFi movement. …

I have worked with many product development teams and often with solopreneurs coding their own products. One common question I get asked is how should one book their product development costs like UX research, software development costs or user testing costs in their financial projections or business plans. Should one capitalise them or put them expense them?

Agile vs Waterfall

Most product development processes are now a perpetual cycle with no final state to reach. Most products are built in an agile fashion with sprints and epics yet accounting still assumes product development process to be a waterfall model. …

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I often work with clients on their go-to-market strategies wherein I often use Google Ads as my go-to channel for getting some early feedback on the product. Often, most Google Ads account managers put very few keywords and just a few ad groups. Sometimes are not matched correctly. Almost always there are none of the optimizations that can help these early stage companies target the right segment and do so at the cost of buying the customer a cup of coffee. I am going to talk about these optimizations in the following blog post today.

Using Broad match modifiers (+)

While you might be using broad match to match with similar keywords alongside negative keyword to filter out the unrelated options, you wont be able to filter out all the wrong possible keywords. Broad match modifiers gives you tighter control over matched keywords while still being less strict that ‘exact match’. It is a better technique that it allows you to pick certain keywords that should always be there in the matched query. To use this, simply put a + icon in front of the important keyword(s) and that would make sure that the matched search query contains the exact (or matching) keywords you want, without you having to use an exact match. …


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