5 Must Have Communication Skills To Run Business Smoothly

Communication within a team plays a very vital role, it is one of those key elements for which there is a lot of dependencies. Many eminent CEO’s and Managers have said that having employees under one roof helps in a better mode of communication which results in better results.

They can converse better via the different modes of communication within the team and this enhances the understanding between the teams eventually helping a better and stronger workforce.

But when you have your team members located in remote areas what are the chances of having a good and strong understanding. The communication must happen and I cannot suffer because your team members are located remotely. Also, we have to very closely understand that an effective mode of communication is closely related to leadership skills.

In this real-time age, a lot of information is processed via different modes of online communication such as e-mails, instant messages, also on social media platforms. The current scenarios demand quick and smarter ways to perform your actions, hence you cannot limit your team under one roof. Here is a quick list of ways in which you can communicate better and in a smarter way with your remotely based team.


It’s a mastered technique, not everyone can learn this. And when said, listen, means you try and understand the perspective and connect with the person. Being a leader you need to hone your listening skills in order to understand and connect with your team members in a better way. Well, these little points can help you in achieving the mastered skill of listening, here’s how –

  • You need to create an environment where people can freely speak and share their ideas. A forum where they can put forward what they have in their mind, it will give confidence to your team members and will help them in understanding that you want to hear them and understand them better.
  • Cutting someone while in the middle of a conversation is the last thing you can do. Do not ever interrupt your team members, this will lower down their moral and they will find it hard to express themselves.
  • Respect the person speaking, even if he/she may not correspond to you. If you are in a meeting or in a group focus on what is being said. Fishing out your Smartphone or getting back to your laptop can be considered ill-mannered.
“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” — Bryant H. McGill

E-mailing Is a Skill

For a running business, e-mail is the most used way of communication these days and it is very important to understand the basics if mailing. As a leader you should be able to manage your inbox well, zero unread e-mails, properly marked urgent emails and a coveted reply to all emails will set a standard for your trema members.

  • Each member should be trained to reply promptly in crisp and clear points. Unnecessary information can be avoided.
  • If you cannot reply back to a team member instantly, let them know you will get back to them. Time is precious, be it yours or between your team members.
  • Documents, files, presentation or sheets that need collaboration and continual changes, they can be shared on online platforms from where all the team members can access it. If you are doubtful that e-mail has not solved an issue, pick up the phone and clear the message, do not leave chances of doubts.

Do not Stress

A stressed person cannot communicate properly; instead, avoid any sort of communication with your clients and team members when stressed. Poorly written emails and messages can be wrongly interpreted and can send misleading signals.

Communication Barriers

An effective and comfortable way of communication is easy once you know get to know each other. The technological advances have been a boon for communication industry; you can virtually be present and communicate with your team members via these simple online tools.

Meetings via Skype/Google Hangouts should be carried out daily/weekly basis depending on the requirement. Keep the meeting short and to the point, discuss the points achieved and objectives for the next week.

Ask your team members to call you directly and connect with you on urgent issues, so that the workflow is not disrupted.

Retreat on Planned Downtime

Some of the most creative thoughts pop when you are not in your work shoes and out there socializing. You team members need that too; an annual or bi-annual team retreats can be planned to foster informal communication between team members. You can add fun activities where team members get to know each other.

These activities help you in building healthy rapport between your team and among your team members. A healthy team will always perform better and will achieve good results, be it remotely located.

You need to master the effective ways of communication, which indeed will bring the positive results. Well conveyed target and properly communicated business strategies will eventually help you in growing a healthy and productive team.

Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on September 23, 2016.

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