DIY Smart Saw Review — Does It Really Work?

If you are interested in DIY Smart Saw program and want to read review of this program from real users, then you are at right place.

I wrote this review after interviewing 18 real users of DIY Smart Saw program and its founder Alex Grayson. So, Here it is.

Besides, a good build-up with a six-pack, handsome face, and a decent bank deposit, there are many other qualities that women want to see and appreciate in a man. They would love to see them as a skilled crafter who can fill the house with their wooden designs and creations or at least, who can deal with the minor carpentry jobs in the home.

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If you have this skill, then you are in their zone. However, you don’t need to feel down if you don’t have the skill. There is a product or exactly saying an e-book available in the market to help you in improving wood crafting skill. It is the DIY Smart Saw e-book by Alex Grayson. This program is highly useful if you have an interest in crafting, but you couldn’t create some beautiful pieces due to lack of skills.

In this review, we will explain how this book takes the learning from scratch to the advanced level, and can every turn them into a professional. It teaches you the easiest methods of making a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine via photos, audio, and words. In this article, we will be reviewing the DIY Smart Saw, so, you can have a better insight of it.

DIY Smart Saw : Introduction

As the name says, the motive of this product is to make you capable enough to do the machine all by yourself. The book will let you develop it using simple parts. So, you don’t need to hunt for parts, as you will get them in the nearby hardware shops.

The DIY projects included in the book are known for their simplicity and efficiency. In the guidance of Alex Grayson, you will be making a wonderful CNC device. There is one thing sure i.e. you wouldn’t be spending a penny on at least the repairs of chairs, tables, computer desks. You can even make them at a significantly cheaper price. You just have to spend on the base materials.

The perception you will be building after going through DIY Smart Saw e-book is the woodworking can create infinite structures and designs. The creativity is limitless with the CNC machine. In short, you can create almost every kind of wooden masterpiece.

Who Created the DIY Smart Saw?

Mr. Alex Grayson is the man behind this amazing DIY woodworking course. He worked as an engineer in the car industry. Since childhood, he loved messing up with home appliances. He was fond of electrical gadgets and always desired of discovering them more. He used to unscrew his parent’s TV, toaster, fridge and whatever devices he could get his hands on just for understanding their functioning. This interest of him later turned him into a part-time inventor.

He also developed a new hobby called woodworking. Initially, it helped him to relieve stress, and gradually, it turned into his passion. The DIY projects gave him pride and satisfaction. However, sometimes, it was frustrating as well in carving the perfect design and when he has to compromise with the design so the parts can get fitted. For these problems, he researched and invented a new course. Now, he is sharing it with all the wood crafting enthusiasts.

What does the DIY Smart Saw program include?

DIY Smart Saw is a unique course that helps in making the creative woodwork, helpful for you and your family. It offers you to learn woodworking in a step by step manner.

The course claims of helping your dream designs into reality. It is a complete set of instructions of enhancing wood carving tactics with your self-made machine. The best part is anyone can learn through this course. Even a guy, who never has been into woodworking can learn this as well.

Also, DIY Smart Saw program promises to make you an expert in building a CNC machine. Moreover, you don’t need to buy costly parts and equipment. In fact, you will find all the required parts at the store near to your home.

Without wasting your valuable money and time, this course is going to enhance your skills. This is a full tutorial course, so after mastering it, you will be making wooden masterpieces without any error.

Everything in the course is designed in such a way that you wouldn’t have to even rewind the course for better understanding. The videos, photos, and articles will guide you about the complete process without any hassle.

Usually, it is an expensive deal to go with traditional CNC machines that cost thousands of dollars in the market. Luckily, you will be able to build your own CNC machine that works far precise and twice faster than working with hands at a significantly cheaper price.

DIY Smart Saw program includes tips, notes, and hints for a better understanding. Also, you will get secrets and tricks of other conventional tools used in woodworking. You will discover the methods of assembling the parts. After assembling, the course will tell you the ways through which you can safely test the CNC machine.

It is important that you safely test the working of your self-made CNC machine before using it on real work to avoid any mishap. The programs include some of the innovative and creative ideas that you can try at your home.

These new ideas are related to the building of decorative and useful stuff like TV cabinets, desks, cupboards, decorations, wooden toys, wall hangings, and many different things. DIY Smart Saw course doesn’t require an active internet connection, so, you can view it on your laptop and mobile offline. Some of the key things that you will be learning are as follows:

· It comes with a manual that you have to follow along with the video.

· The instructions are comprehensive and come with detailed steps.

· You will be finding notes, tip, and warnings in the written manual.

· In a few clicks, you will figure out whether the design will work or not. Thus, there is a minimum chance of wood wasting in trying.

· In case, you face any problem and get stuck in the middle of the project, then you can check out troubleshooting.

What type of CNC machine will you be building with DIY Smart Saw?

The CNC machine that you will be building using this course has a simple mechanism and works on all types of woods. As you know, the traditional CNC machine has a computer embedded into it.

Your self-made CNC machine will also require computer numeral control. You don’t need any special kind of computer of it. It will work with a normal computer attached to it. You can feed the command on the computer and it will work with that.

After getting the command, the tool will start moving in various directions like back, front, left, and right for completing the task. As it includes computer and other electronic parts, so you might be worrying about the technicalities.

However, you don’t have to worry about it because everything is well explained in the DIY Smart Saw video footage. From beginning to the end, every minute detail of the CNC manufacturing is covered. Thus, you wouldn’t have any problem.

Pros of DIY Smart Saw

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of DIY Smart Saw is you will find every small part covered in a comprehensive manner. You don’t have to go libraries, search engines on the Internet, or go anywhere for gathering information at any aspect.

In fact, this program alone has every plan and trick required for designing a CNC. It is a human nature to commit mistakes, especially at first attempt. Mistakes while designing can be expensive. Though, you don’t have to take stress for that. DIY Smart Saw book includes techniques through which, you will be minimizing errors and saving your money.

This product suits best to the people who can learn by watching them. In fact, the human brain is designed to quickly learn from things we see rather than things we read. Besides, the guide available for download, you will also be getting the author videos as a bonus.

In these bonus videos, the author will be sharing his secrets and techniques that will help you to build the machine quickly and efficiently. The bonus videos are another advantage of this program that other DIY products barely provide.

The video lessons raise the appeal of DIY Smart Saw program for International users from non-English speaking countries, who can’t understand the words well, but can quickly grasp by watching the procedure.

It is highly suitable for people who love DIY tasks and are a bit tight on their budget. After completing the course, they will be saving a huge amount of money on wood works, and can even make money by it.

In other words, they can turn their hobby of woodworking into a money-making career. One can design a crib for their baby, picture frames for walls, cute gifts for their lovers, creative furniture, and many other interesting things. All at the base price of woods and at a short duration. Here are some of the other advantages of this program.

· Easy implementation

It is super easy to use. Even a beginner can also make it by following instructions and using basic tools. It also comes with a demo video for guiding you about the basics of the program. Now, it means that working on the guidance of DIY Smart Saw is as easy as a cakewalk

· Elimination of guess works

If you are a woodwork lover, then there is no best time to start it than right now. This program is designed in a way that eliminates any guess working. It will take just a couple of hours to have a glance of the program and understand every aspect of it.

· A significantly cheaper alternative

Nowadays, if you have to buy a CNC machine, then it will be costing you several thousands of dollars. Even a used CNC machine is a not an economical deal.

However, with DIY Smart Saw, you will be building your CNC machine at the price of peanuts. You just have to buy the base parts, and you will be developing it on your own.

In this way, you will also be having a new CNC machine that is always better than a used one. If you are a new or lacks budget, then this is a definite way to go.

· 60 days refund policy

At any point of the program if you don’t feel satisfied for any reason within a duration of 60 days of purchase, then you can get a full refund by contacting the creator.

· Save your precious time

DIY Smart Saw is a time-saving program as well. You don’t have to spend your money on hopeless online programs that don’t work. After course completion, you will create a design of your favorite wood craft in no time.

DIY Smart Saw — Cons

Perhaps, the biggest drawback is you always need a working internet connection every time you work on the project. You cannot do this offline. Also, you have to focus on every single point mentioned in the course. They all are important if you want excellence in woodworking. So far, I didn’t find any other disadvantages of DIY Smart Saw.

Visit DIY Smart Saw Official Website Here

The final verdict

Undoubtedly, DIY Smart Saw is a great program to get professional skills in wood crafting. It lets you build a real-life CNC machine that incredibly makes the job easy and fast. It doesn’t burden your pocket as well. It is certainly a value for money product.

At the end of this DIY Smart Saw review, I would highly recommend you that if you are a beginner in wood crafting or don’t have huge bucks for investing in a conventional CNC machine, then DIY Smart Saw is your best buddy for learning this all.