Best Sikh iOS Apps

The following is a blog post regarding various applications that relate to Sikhi. This post is designed to spread awareness about the different apps that exist and to provide a brief overview/review of each.

1) Gurbani Khoj

The first app I want to discuss is Gurbani Khoj. This app is definitely one of the more recent ones to be released, and offers features that can’t be found anywhere else.

This is one of the few (if not only on iOS) Gurbani search apps that allows you to save favorites, and then organize these favorites in different folders. It also allows you to preform sub-searches while already viewing a shabad. On the main screen, you have a quick link which opens a built in Asa Dee Vaar PDF. The app gives the user an array of customization options such as color themes, font sizes, engligh/punjabi translation, etc.

The great thing that separates this app from others is that it’s new. The app has gotten multiple updates since release, and the creator has promised more features in the future. There is also a way to receive support via the app’s Twitter page.

iTunes Link

2) Sundar Gutka

This app is a must have for those who use their iPhone or iPad to do Nitnem or recite any type of Bani. It has a large selection to choose from, as well as multiple settings you can configure. It also is regularly updated, and has support you can contact if needed via Facebook. Overall, this app is pretty straight forward and is very polished.

iTunes Link

3) iGurbani

iGurbani is a great website that can be used on any computer. It is essentially a cleaner web version of Sikhi To The Max. It allows you to search through Gurbani, and customize things such as font size, translations, transliteration, etc. Each shabad also has a unique URL, which makes it easy to share with other people online.

iGurbani also has an iOS App. It is the same thing as the website, except in “app form”. You are also able to save favorites.

Website Link

iTunes Link

4) Gurbani World

Gurbani World is a great app to use if you just would like to listen to Nitnem. It contains direct access to video recordings of Nitnem being read, one bani at a time. It also gives easy access to daily Hukamnama from Darbar Sahib. Overall, a simple and easy to use app.

iTunes Link

5) A Word A Thought

This is something I personally believe everyone should subscribe to. A Word A Thought is an email service which sends out a daily message with a definition to a new word from Gurbani. Each week is themed, and a detailed analysis is given in each email. You will get the definition, an example from Gurbani, the message behind the word, and even the origins from different languages. You only have to sign up once, and the rest is automatic. Click the link below to subscribe.

Website Link

6) Sikh Answers

Sikh Answers previously was an iPhone app, however it was recently removed by the owner (along with many others). Lucky for us, there is still a website with everything that the app had.

Sikh Answers is basically an FAQ for all things Sikhi related. It has questions ranging from “What is the meaning of life” to “Do aliens exist?”

The great thing I found about this website is that it backs every answer up with quotes from Gurbani. There is very little bias, and all answers are strictly from a Gurmat perspective.

Website Link

7) Fly Rights

If any of you are like me, you know there is no such thing as a “random” security check when passing through the TSA. The folks at The Sikh Coalition have put together this great app which allows you to report any incidents that may occur while traveling through the airport.

Simply open the app, fill out the form, and hit submit. You have the ability to send it to The Sikh Coalition, the TSA, and even congress. The app also has a cool feature which allows you to see which airports have the highest number of incident reports. If you travel frequently, I definitely would recommend this app.

iTunes Link

8) Basics of Sikhi

Basics of Sikhi is a great resource for those who want to learn more about Sikhism. It is a YouTube channel that has a very large variety of videos, all in english. There are multiple short 2–5 minute videos on various topics, there are videos on Sikhs doing street parchar to those who have never heard of Sikhi before, and there are videos that contain Katha in english for different banis.

A notable part of this channel I will point out is the “Why Guru” course. It is essentially a full on class about Sikhi targeted towards young adults and above. If you are interested in watching lectures that go in depth for each of our Gurus, and even the time period after our Gurus, this is something you would enjoy. Videos range from 30 minutes to over an hour at times, but the knowledge you will gain is the equivalent of that of a college level class.

Website Link

9) Android

Unfortunately, I am more of an Apple person. But if you are interested in learning more about Sikh related Android apps, check out the following blog post from Vikram Singh:

Android Apps

If you know any other must have Sikh website or app, please message me via the contact page so I can add it to this list. Hope you found this useful!

Originally published at on August 28, 2014.

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