Four reasons why every student should be using Dropbox

For those of you who don’t know what Dropbox is, think of it like a regular folder on your computer. But this isn’t an ordinary folder. No, no, no. This folder has magic powers. Everything you put into this folder automatically gets uploaded to the Dropbox cloud. Here are a few reasons why every student should be using it:

1) Organization

Think of your Dropbox like an “everything” folder. It can contain anything ranging from your music library, to those embarrassing selfies you took in the mirror five years ago.

What I do is divide everything up. For example, a few of the folders I have are “School”, “Music”, and “Pictures”. All of which are inside the main Dropbox folder.

This is a screenshot from my personal “School” folder.

Tip number one of being successful in college is staying organized. I quickly realized that the best long term solution for doing that would be breaking each semester into its own folder. Then within each semester are sub-folders for each class.

Now no matter where I am (or when), I’ll always have access to every school related file I’ve ever made. This is much more effective than going through a bunch of clutter on your desktop.

2) All your stuff everywhere, anytime.

Ever wish you could study your notes while you were in the bathroom? Okay that’s gross don’t do that. But with Dropbox you have access to your entire directory of folders and files in one convenient app.

You can also access your Dropbox from the Dropbox website. Meaning you have access to all your files from any internet connection, on any computer.

3) Always backed up

This reason alone should be enough to get you to use Dropbox. When was the last time you backed up all of your files? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? You’d be surprised how many people expect their computer to last forever and never back it up.

If it’s something important, it should exist in two places. Thankfully, Dropbox will automatically upload a copy of any file you put into your Dropbox folder. So if your computer crashes, all you need to do is login to Dropbox, and poof all of your stuff is right there. Also, say you’re working on a paper. Whenever you hit the save button, Dropbox will automatically backup and upload that file in real time.

4) Sharing is caring

Remember how I said Dropbox has magic powers? Well here they are. Any file or folder inside your Dropbox is shareable.

Let’s start with folders. Say you’re working on a group project, and everybody has to do some research and collect a bunch of different files. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place? Dropbox allows you to create folders, and share them with other Dropbox users. Meaning that if you’re working in a group, everybody can be working out of the same folder. A convenient way to keep everybody organized and up to date.

Dropbox also offers shareable links. This is my personal favorite. You’ll basically never have to send an email attachment ever again. Just right click on any file (or even a whole folder!) you want to share with somebody, and click on “Share Dropbox Link”. This will automatically create a special public URL to that specific file, and copy it to your clipboard. Just paste it into your email or message, and the other person instantly has a direct link to download the file.

— —

I hope that helps clarify what Dropbox is and how some of the awesome features work. In terms of pricing, when you sign up you will receive 2GB of free space. This is great for most people when it comes to just using it for school documents or other small files. However, they also offer a Pro version for $9.99 a month, which gives you 1TB of storage.

Sign up here: Dropbox

Originally published at on February 19, 2015.