⚡️MaNEKO Finance project transfers the listing on the PankeSwap DeFi exchange within the framework of the financial mode⚡️

The project team decided to postpone the date of the first listing of the $NEK token to February 18, 2022, in order to coincide this event with the launch of the NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain and the end of IDO/IGO. The transfer is also associated with the launch of a community engagement company and the preparation of a liquidity pool.

RoadMap MaNEKO | JANUARY 05, 2022

RoadMap MaNEKO | Finance Publication RoadMap Q1 2022 MaNEKO Finance


Referral system | JANUARY 07, 2022

A #referral system has been launched with participation in the #PreSale of the $NEK token.
10% discount on purchase and 10% to the link owner.

Link: https://maneko.finance/tokensale/public/user/referral?referral

Listing $NEK(BSC) | JANUARY 18, 2022

Listing of the $NEK token on the DeFi exchange Pancakeswap.finance

Международный рынок NFT получил новые силы с популяризацией GameFi экосистем. Многие успешные платформы такие как Binance, Gate, DAO Maker и другие обратили внимание на данный рынок, запустив IGO лаунчпады для новой перспективной блокчейн индустрии.

IGO (Initial Game Offering) — вид токенсейла, когда инвесторам предлагается первичное размещение токенов для игровых платформ.

MaNEKOArmy! A unique ArtNFT Collection of cute Kitties!

The international NFT market has gained new strength with the popularization of GameFi ecosystems. Many successful platforms such as Binance, Gateio, DAO Maker and others have paid attention to this market by launching IGO launchpad's for the new promising blockchain industry.

IGO (Initial Game Offering) is a type of tokensale…

MaNEKO Finance

Universe GameFi + DeFi + NFT + Charity, Goods and cross-network protocol

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