Rethink Democracy at SDGC17 (by Fjord)

Join Young Talents Day at SDGC17!

This year’s Young Talents Day Challenge will take place at Fjord Madrid studio, on November 1st. We will take participants on a Service Design trip to start “rethinking democracy” around the following question:

How can we innovate the way humans make decisions for the common good in 2017?

Democracies based on the current electoral systems around the world seem to have reached a tipping point in 2017, and our goal during this workshop is to take a Service Design approach to map the gaps that lie behind the current voting systems, and design potential solutions to generate a healthier democratic system as a whole.

Join us for a day and start thinking in a systemic way to make a (social) change.

The Rethink Democracy Workshop will take place on November 1st from 9:00 to 18:00 in Fjord Madrid (García de Paredes, 17) and its cost is 20 euros.

You can sign up here.