A Visit to Beto Ramon’s Wonderland

Colour, colour and more colour

Jessica Jungton
Jul 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Most natural medicine and food brands go for soft, earthy colours — browns and greens. Not this place! Nope, they decided to go with a unicorn’s hallucination. Welcome to the Beto Ramon house.

The original owner is dead and you can visit his tomb on the premises, but they still make natural medicine in the building.

When to Go

I don’t think this is ever a popular attraction so go when the other attractions on your list will be busy. We went on a Sunday and we were literally the only people there.

What to See

The murals are beautiful and make for creative photographs.

There are also a few animals you can see. There are a dozen deer kept in a pen. In the main house are several birds, including three parrots, three peacocks and a few chickens.

What to Do

This attraction is light on the activity side. If you are deeply interested in herbs and natural health, you might find the tour interesting, but for us, the main highlights were the colourful murals, giant cement flowers and trees and painted buildings. We also enjoyed the parrots.

What to Wear

The tour includes many stairs but is not very physical. You can wear whatever you like. I wore all black to contrast against the colourful backdrop.


There wasn’t an entrance fee or a charge for the tour but we did give a tip to the house’s guide.

Final Thoughts

I love the pictures we got at this attraction but could have skipped the tour. It’s a fun addition to the trip but if you are pressed for time, your trip to Xilitla would still be complete without it.

Being the only people in this colourful wonderland was eerie — like watching a children’s playground at night. The absence of life and fun in this vibrant world was a swing moving in the dark. A little more shabby and it would have made a cool abandoned park. A little more life and it would have been Willy Wonka’s Factory. But awkwardly hanging in the middle is the fantastic world of Beto Ramon.

For more information on a trip to Xilitla, including how to get there and what else you need to see and eat, click on the post below for links to all of the articles.

Jessica Jungton

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I paint landscapes in portrait and smile at strangers.

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