Swimming in a Blue Lagoon: Nacimiento de Huichihuayan

Clear and cold

Jessica Jungton
Jul 3, 2018 · 2 min read

This lagoon looked and felt like the place theme parks use for inspiration.

We arrived at 11 AM and the place was empty. Buses started coming in around noon.

Our visit was on Sunday, July 1, during the wet season of June-October. The weather was sunny for us, but going during this time means a 35% chance of rain for any given day.

I would suggest going on a weekday or earlier in the morning for this attraction to avoid crowds.

Swimming is the main attraction but walking around and exploring the cave and falls is also fun.

You can bring your own food to enjoy. There are a few vendors selling food but the selection is limited.

A swimsuit. If you own a wetsuit, that would be good too. The water is cold.

It cost a whopping $1 to swim here.

As with a few other attractions outside of Xilitla, the bigger expense is getting there. If you don’t have a car and are not renting one, I would suggest booking a tour.

This was a serene break from an action-packed trip. The water was freezing (even from my Canadian perspective) but the lagoon was so clear and blue, I couldn’t resist.

I wouldn’t say the lagoon is a necessity for your Xilitla trip, but if you have a free half-day, it will be a peaceful few hours, especially if you arrive before the crowd or on a weekday.

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