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The Italian Army transporting Covid-19 victims from Bergamo (Lombardy)

I simply wish to share these thoughts that I find of incommensurable value whenever the country, Europe and the entire World itself will make the balance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the utmost attention, for the Italians phase 2 is restarting the country. I am one of those ever-satisfied scums that do not trust in feasible data. Even some epidemiologists said it’s not ok to analyse the contagion rate on a weekly basis, Doctor Massimo Galli among all. He said this is due to the fact that timing is scattered and delayed by data processing that takes longer. …

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Good morning Readers,
I hope this post finds you well. Today, I am writing something different. It’s very contemporary. But I promise that the argument touches all the issues covered on the EU-Politank in these last few weeks, even in an indirect way.

This morning I listened carefully to this conversation ( on the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera “Economia”. I found it astonishing and curious at the same time. I think this Pandemic is a disaster in the first place (the World is losing day-by-day an increasing number of citizens). Economic wise, experts agree on the incoming Global Crisis so ok, economically there will be a big crisis and a lot of people will be damaged or they will lose their jobs or they won’t make it. However, there is a shred of hope that further consequent necessary steps will be positive. …

Part 1. A Global Health security threat

There is a feeling in these days that worries every Italian around the Globe. Security studies have been referring and situating it masterfully and progressively since the beginning of the 90s.It’s the concept of Human Security. It was then that a group of scholars from Danish Universities lately known as “the Copenhagen School of Security Studies” overpassed the notion of Security linked to Military Force (the use of Force, War and Warfare) but rather to Society, the Economy, Politics and the Environment. I’m simplifying a little bit to make it more legible. To understand Wilde, Buzan and the Copenhagen School works, we might just be thinking about a generalisation of Security that they called “Securitisation”. They somehow started to apply the notion of Security to unexplored areas. Paris and Aberystwyth Schools are elsewhere known as “Critical Security Studies”. They made their work by grouping those unexplored areas of securitisation more and more. In such a scenario, Paris School scholars, represented by Didier Bigo works, put the accent on Physical Security — setting a human-centric approach. Whenever human beings’ lives are at risk, they reckoned, there would be a physical security threat. …

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