Technology and mobility, technology and tourism, technology and environmental sustainability. Technology is increasingly being involved in the future of many different industries, connecting them in an extraordinary way.
That’s why we need to stop talking about emerging technologies as a whole. We need to start to discuss how emerging technologies will have a role in different industries, and in the companies belonging to those sectors.

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The European Summit of Emerging Technologies, 2019.

That’s our mission at EICS 2020.
The third edition of the European Summit of Emerging Technologies will be memorable. We’re working hard to let you ‘TRY — LEARN & DISCOVER’ everything related to emerging technologies and their applications in specific sectors. We want to help managers and entrepreneurs to understand the role of those cutting-edge technologies learning to innovate projects in 3 ways: try on demos and new devices to understand what emerging is about, putting their hands in innovation design-lead process with practical workshops and getting inspired by international case studies. …

Manfredi Domina

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