“Why chant AUM (OM) mantra and What’s the secret of chanting AUM (OM)?”

There is no doubt that AUM is the most powerful mantra of all. We have also noticed that AUM is used in the beginning of almost every mantra. and it is also used at the starting and ending yoga or meditation session. AUM is a spiritual symbol in Indian religions.

The word AUM is made up of three letters. Those three letters are A U M. These three letters A U M are considered to be the form of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.

A means to be born or to create. It represents creation. The pronunciation of A reminds us of Brahma who created the universe.

U means development or it represents sustenance of life. The one who develops this creation reminds us about Lord Vishnu.

M means silence or the destruction of life. Which reminds us of Lord Shiva.

Is it necessary to pay attention to breathing while chanting AUM or saying AUM?
The answer is YES. As breathing begins, take a deep breath in and then chant AUM using your breathing stream.
While chanting AUM pronunciation goes as “AaaaaUuuuuMmmm.” Here each letter originates from a different part of your body. The vibrations created by this sound move from your abdomen, till the heart and reaches finally to the head creating a positive sensation.

Let’s understand what is Mantra?
Mantra is an act of pronouncing a word repeatedly.
Mantra has the greatest effect on our body and mind.
Chanting mantra is a mental as well as physical activity.
Our body is healthier only if we are mentally healthy and stable. It is very important to chant mantras to keep the mind healthy.

Spiritually it is believed that if you keep chanting AUM (OM) then mind becomes calm and pure and peace of mind is attained.

If you chant any mantra from the bottom of your heart it will definitely benefit you in some or the other way. So always do the things with 100% focus and you will see the results.

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Mangal Joshi.



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Mangal Joshi

Mangal Joshi

Mangal Joshi is Aspiring Content Writer and founder & Coach at mangal-sanskar.com . She conducts all round personality development & anger management courses.