Diwali winked — ‘Lex malla,Lex nulla’

I felt it funny when our supreme court declared a restriction in timing for bursting crackers. When the court announced it as two hours ,I couldn’t help laughing — — An announcement that can never be implemented ! Can we post a policeman in each road to implement it? How can it be done? It is a million dollar question . I am really surprised by the optimistic attitude of the court that it thought a mere announcement would make the citizens of India to obey the rule.

We have failed in many rules which could be easily implemented. I still see helmet hanging on the handlebar instead of the head, the vehicles who think it a bravery when they cross with a red signal on and the two wheelers and sometimes four wheelers that vroom over the platforms that was once meant for pedestrians and now it is for hawkers and vehicles. Road is meant only for the people with vehicles not for people who walk — -A sad reality in a nation where you can see senior citizens and children waddling along the roads.

Who burns crackers? It is mostly the children. It is done a week ,say two days before and after Diwali.I am 100% sure,the judge who pronounced this would have also had a gala time bursting crackers when he was young. So why have so much of rage towards the children of these days.I saw the news channels flashing now and then the timing allotted to burst crackers and also a punishment to those who disobeyed the rules.

What was the reason cited for this? 1.Pollution…Why are we making the children scape goats? What about the pollution caused by the automobiles throughout the year? Are we going to stop people from using cars and force them to take public transport? A small request — we can ask the people to use the public transport once a week. Let the VIP ‘s take the public transport and get the taste of it. What about the pollution caused by the burning of trash by municipalities and corporations? What about the pollution caused by factories? Don’t the world burst crackers on the opening ceremony of anything and everything? Don’t our political parties burst crackers to celebrate their victory ?Are we going to put a stop to these? In TN even a death is mourned with crackers.We are not ready to change anything done by the adults , instead we want to restrict the children who celebrate just for a week.

The second one I heard was that the cracker industry generally use children ….Child labour. Not buying crackers will never stop child labour.The parents who send their children to work will send their kids elsewhere. Some other system should be set up to stop. Child labour is not just in cracker manufacturing but also in shops,hotels and many other places. Everyone knows that and we are mute spectators. As I walked home after my morning walk today ,I saw two small boys not more than 14 years old picking rags.I could only sympathise in my heart.Frankly I cannot stop them .Can I?

I stopped the blog and waited for Diwali to bade good bye.I was curious to see how the children reacted to the timing ? I don’t think they were aware of anything. It was like always .Day and night it went boom with light and sound echoing the silent night and the foggy morning. The police had arrested 25 children for bursting crackers off the time limit and left them after a warning. Shouldn’t they arrest the parent instead for not telling the kid what the time limit was? Diwali bid goodbye mocking at the funny law. That is not the point. Any rule should be followed ,obeyed but why just target children. Let us not manufacture crackers that harm our health and atmosphere. Let the children enjoy the small joys just as we enjoyed each moment on earth when we were young. .Let us- adults , be responsible and create a healthy atmosphere by taking the first step ….Let us not sacrifice the pleasures of the children.